The Andalusian television has visited the University of Córdoba and has recorded a class of the  Master in the agri-food sector. It was a special class, dealing with food culture and the reasons why we have the  food. The story line of the programme was about “Food and Emotion”, together with recent psychological studies from the University of Granada.

There is a video bellow that corresponds to the part of the programme related to our University, where apart from filming several moments of the class taught by Rafael Moreno (Chair’s secretary), it also mentions the Chair of Andalusian Gastronomy, Rafael Jordano (director of the same) and some students of the Masters degree.

If anyone wants to see the complete programme (which is worth it), it can be found on the Canal Sur´s videos on demand or on this link.

Furthermore, we can also find videos of the programme on the  Andalusian Television channel, Canal Sur channel and satellite television.



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