Photo courtesy of Diego Martínez Camino

A new tapa establishment has been opened in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba (C/. Romeo, 4) for the Cordovan. One of the most beautiful places in Córdoba, the Jewish quarter, that apart from being a world heritage site,  is best known and most visited by   foreigners rather than by its inhabitants.

The “tapería”, is one more pretext for the Cordovan (and visitors) to be able to enjoy the Jewish quarter and have excellent tapas.  I am sure it will establish itself in a more informal segment, among the most emblematic restaurants of the same area, such as Casa Rubio,  the Churrasco, Caravasar or  Taberna nº 10.

A very assorted menu and good prices are part of their attractions, as  can be appreciated:

The inauguration was very cheerful and we were able to savour apart from an excellent   Belloterra ham, starters of milky maize pudding, salmorejo, pâté, pistachio and chocolate lollypops, sirloin tataki and brad beans with artichokes, among others.

Moreover, the decoration, which was by  Laura Encinas, shows good taste and details, which takes us to and from from the sea of Cadiz  to Córdoba, with vintage elements, such as the reutilization of sewing machines, reconverted into the legs of the pedestal tables or bulb sockets, or lamps made from piping. It was a convivial and traditional atmosphere, that the people taking part could enjoy, among whom you could find Marien Pozanco, Ana de la Cocinika, Rosa Jurado, Andrés Orgaz, Diego MartínezAmalia Gonzalez Aroca and Francisco J. Coji

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