Within the eight symposiums of Cordovan Salmorejo the following has been exposed: the history, the gastronomy, the sensorial properties, the nutritional value and the effects that it has on the health of the different ingredients and expressing  it with little monographs for each ingredient.
Currently, all that information has been compiled and structured in a great book where all that information is collected and as usual, splendidly illustrated.
The presentation has been carried out in FITUR (Madrid).
Among the authors of the above mentioned book are Rafael Moreno Rojas( secretary of CGA), Almudena Villegas, Alejandro Ibañez and Hortensia Galán,   we can also find chapters by other authors such as chefs and specialists in the different ingredients.
If you were not able to obtain any of the monographs, do not worry because now you can download the book on the following link: El Libro del Salmorejo Cordobés.

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